Green & Cool unveiled the small stand-alone condensing unit at the Crowne Plaza Fira hotel in central Barcelona on 19 April. “The unit is basic and inexpensive, but still bears a state-of-the-art eco-performance,” Sales Engineer Johan Hellman told at the company’s ATMOsphere Europe booth.

“It’s a small condensing unit for applications like small shops or petrol stations, or for bigger shops that need to add extra display cases,” said Hellman. “It is already CE-marked, so it’s ready for the European market,” he added.

The unit – which is manufactured in the south of France – uses a rotary hermetic compressor and a BLDC motor to achieve a capacity of up to 5.8kW. And as a plug-and-play system, it is simple to use. “All you need to do is set which operating pressure you want,” explained Hellman.

The control system, manufactured by Italian firm CAREL, features a small microprocessor linking the unit to the cloud, allowing operations to be monitored remotely from a mobile phone and opening the door to its use as part of a wider supermarket system.

Hellman believes the condensing unit will work in ambient temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for use in warmer climates like southern Europe.

“With this condensing unit, smaller businesses can also afford to keep cool without harming the environment”, said Micael Antonsson, Green & Cool’s Technical & Business Director.

With demand for the units already high, the product will now undergo field tests in Sweden and England. The first units are expected to go on sale after the summer of 2016.

Green & Cool also plan to launch a similarly small-scale CO2 freezer unit, harnessing two compressors in a two-stage system, by the end of the year. That system is targeting small freezer rooms and will have a capacity of 2-3 kW.

The 7th annual ATMOsphere Europe conference saw some 350 participants gather to discuss the latest market trends and product developments for natural refrigerants in a variety of HVAC&R applications.

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