The CO2Y, first unveiled at the ATMOsphere Europe conference in Barcelona in April, is a small stand-alone condensing unit suited to less demanding refrigeration applications such as small cold rooms, display cases, or petrol stations.

The unit is “basic and cheap, but still bears state-of-the-art eco-performance,” Johan Hellman, sales engineer at Green & Cool, told at Chillventa 2016.

The condensing unit complies with EU Ecodesign regulations. Prior to the launch, it underwent field tests in Sweden, Finland and the UK. With a maximum capacity of 5.5 kW at ambient temperatures of up to 30°C, it features a DC rotary compressor that can be regulated at various speeds of up to 100 rotations per minute.

The control system incorporates a small microprocessor linking the unit to the cloud. This allows users to monitor the unit’s operation remotely from a mobile phone.

“The 2-9 kW segment, which CO2Y falls into, has enormous future potential since there has not been an economical environmentally friendly alternative until now,” said Joakim Westerberg, responsible for refrigeration appliances at Kylkvalitet, a Swedish supplier of Green & Cool systems.

Other companies are also rolling out CO2 condensing units in Europe. Are Green & Cool ready to rise up to the challenge?

“We’re not the only ones, but we think that we’re the first ones who are ready to sell the product […]. It is ready for the market,” Hellman said.

Green & Cool expect to launch a stand-alone CO2 freezing unit by January 2017. Other CO2Y models will follow too. “Next year we will have five units in a size of up to 10 kW,” Hellmann said.

Green & Cool also introduced the new Tenor CO2OL sub-cooler at Chillventa. The unit helps to improve the efficiency of CO2 technologies in warmer climates.

“The 2-9 kW segment, which CO2Y falls into, has enormous future potential.

Joakim Westerberg, Kylkvalitet