German component manufacturer Güntner is introducing digital controls in its adiabatic condensers that can closely manage water and energy consumption in the condensers, which are often used to boost the efficiency of transcritical COsystems used in supermarkets and cold storage.

“We are now in a big movement inside Güntner worldwide [to] digitalization,” Miguel Garrido, executive VP, Güntner U.S., said in an exclusive interview with “This is a big change and we are ready for that.”

The controls, said Ian Runsey, global product manager, ammonia technologies, Güntner U.S., “can be set up for the adiabatic operation based on your location.”

As an example, he referred to Canada, where water is “free, almost.” In that case, the controls would be tuned more to energy savings. The controllers “can focus either more on the energy saving side or more on the water saving side or a combination of both, whichever way you want to move forward with it,” Runsey explained.

“We are now in a big movement inside Güntner worldwide [to] digitalization.”

Miguel Garrido, Güntner U.S. 

Güntner’s controls optimize the operation conditions of the system specifically for the location in which the unit is installed and through the analysis of extensive weather data base reports. Based on this information “we can calculate the exact number of hours you need water inside, so we can optimize water consumption,” Garrido added.

Güntner gained expertise in adiabatic cooling through its JAEGGI brand, which it acquired in 1995. “[JAEGGI] is basically an expert in wet and adiabatic or hybrid technology,” Garrido said.

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