The 2022 edition of the Gustav Lorentzen conference will discuss the latest research results and developments within the use of natural working fluids in the HVAC&R industry.

The theme for this year’s edition of the conference, taking place in Trondheim, Norway, from June 13–15, will be The Natural Choices by 2030. The conference focuses on a wide range of natural refrigerants, like CO2 (R744), ammonia/NH3 (R717), hydrocarbons, water and air. 

It will include presentations of invited and contributed papers, with around 150 live oral presentations and about 30 virtual poster presentations. It will run in four parallel tracks.

Find the full program here, including the poster sessions.

“Currently the whole industry is in search of alternatives complying with the phase-down prescribed by the Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol,” the organizers said on the conference website. “Especially for A5 countries, conversion to natural refrigerants could be a possibility to leapfrog to long term environmentally safe alternatives.

“The conference should contribute to bringing forward solutions based on natural working fluids for applications within Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Heat Engines.”

Some of the topics included in the 2022 Gustav Lorentzen conference:

  • Process, cycle, system and component development,
  • Vapor compression systems using ammonia, hydrocarbons, CO2 and water
  • Gas cycles and sorption systems
  • Heat transfer and heat exchangers, compressors and other components,
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety with respect to flammable, toxic and high-pressure fluids

The conference is organized by SINTEF, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Norwegian Society of Refrigeration and the Norwegian Society of HVAC Engineers, on behalf of the IIR.

For more information, and how to register, click here.

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