Turkish component manufacturer Güven Soğutma, also known as GVN, has joined leading natural refrigerant companies as a bronze partner on R744.

GVN produces pressure vessels and other components for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning, including products for CO2 (R744), propane (R290) and ammonia/NH3 (R717) systems.

The company’s portfolio includes products like vertical and horizontal liquid receivers, filter driers, mufflers and collectors. GVN also manufactures oil management products like coalescent separators, helical separators and strainers. GVN collaborates with OLAB and Kriwan to offer its customers valves, sensors and oil level regulators.

GVN is a family-owned business founded in Istanbul in 1985. It is present in both Turkey and international markets, exporting its products to 60+ countries.

GVN prides itself of the quality and quality consistency of its products, and has achieved both ISO 9001:2015 and CE (PED) certifications. All the company’s products have to pass a 100% leak test, carried out in a screw compressor system, before being shipped. “There is a high technology computer system for a leak test of CO2 transcritical and subcritical products,” said GVN.

The company’s technicians and engineers organize all standard and custom production process by preparing 3D drawings and transferring these drawings to automatic robot, plasma and CNC machines to start production.

“There is a high technology computer system for a leak test of CO2 transcritical and subcritical products”


Starting out small with a 35m2 (377ft2) production facility, GVN has expanded greatly and is now supplying its customers from a 6,000m2 (64,583ft2) facility in the Arnavutköy neighborhood of Istanbul, where 95% of the company’s production is manufactured.

GVN is a regular exhibitor at both European and U.S. events like AHR Expo, Mostra Convegno and Chillventa.

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