Panasonic CO2 outdoor condensing units are scheduled to be installed at a cold room in Korea’s agricultural sector this year, Hytron Airtech, Panasonic’s Korea-based distribution partner, said at HARFKO 2019, held in Korea 12-15 March.

“I’ve been interested in CO2 since last year,” Hytron Airtech president, Kwang Sun Cho, said.

“R22 is old and not eco-friendly. I think CO2 has more of a future.”

Hytron Airtech is a refrigeration consulting company based in Seoul. The company was exhibiting Panasonic’s 10HP CO2 outdoor condesing unit for the first time at the exhibition.

Cho, who has been a professional HVAC&R engineer working in the cold storage industry in Korea since 1982, did not provide additional details about the project.

Panasonic’s CO2 outdoor condensing units are already seeing rapid uptake in Europe, with 200+ units of its 2HP system already sold since launching in 2017.

Panasonic began offering the 10HP version in Europe last year, most recently exhibiting the CO2 systems at Chillventa 2018 in Germany last October.

More than 10,000 CO2 units have been sold in Japan as of December 2018, according to Panasonic’s latest presentation at ATMO Japan 2019 in February.

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