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Phone: +45 87476200

Bøgekildevej 21
8361 Hasselager

ABOUT HB Products A/S

HB Products is a development-oriented Danish company, which specializes in the development and production of sensors for industrial and commercial refrigeration and heat-pump systems. HB Products is dedicated to optimal solutions for energy efficiency evaporator control, level control and oil management.

Apart from expertise within oil and refrigerant control, the company has great know-how in the design and optimization of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. This knowledge enables the company to develop and produce world-class sensors.

Since its start more than 25 years ago, HB Products has attained a strong global position. This is the result of the ability to think in terms of new technological solutions, create trustworthy products, and provide a high level of service.


CO2 Products include:



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