As the world moves further away from harmful pollutants through awareness and regulation, the attractiveness of R744 as a refrigerant is becoming more apparent. Heatcraft’s broad and detailed range of CO2 unit coolers means that those supermarkets who wish to make the switch have an option readily available for their specific requirements. The line contains 62 models in low profile, medium profile, centre mount and low velocity product families.

A portrait of profiles

Heatcraft’s CO2 unit cooler line has been crafted to fit various applications and needs of commercial refrigeration. This includes:

  • Low velocity – helps to maintain high humidity
  • Low Profile – ideal for low ceiling coolers
  • Medium profile – perfect for large walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Centre mount – allows air to move across the ceiling in both directions providing even air distribution

The different models are split into these four categories and can undergo further customisation depending on individual needs. For instance, the number of fans can be altered which has implications on both the size and the power of the unit coolers meaning they are as close to fitting customer needs as possible, thus increasing efficiency and limiting energy usage.

Built for the supermarket industry and for the future

Heatcraft’s COunit cooler have been designed with supermarket needs in mind, in particular due to the fact that new regulations in both North America and Europe will make it imperative for supermarkets to lower their emissions. To accomplish this in the easiest way possible, Heatcraft have tailored their products to the needs voiced by the supermarket industry.

This is combined with the goal of reducing as much waste as possible, which includes:

  • Reduced compressor size
  • Smaller pipe size
  • Low refrigerant
  • High volumetric capacity, reducing risk of system leaks

About Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, LLC

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, LLC is the operating division of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration that manufactures premier commercial refrigeration products under the BOHN™, Larkin™, Climate Control™, Chandler™ and InterLink™ brands. The company provides customers with advanced refrigeration products through superior innovation with a commitment towards continuous improvement, highest standards of quality and service, and a driving need to be the first choice in refrigeration solutions.


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