The IntelOil Controller is suitable for low and high pressure oil management systems. It is designed for use with both scroll and reciprocating compressors. The product is available in 24 Volt or 230 Volt versions, with 3 metre power and relay cables included in the box with each unit.

The function of the IntelOil Controller is to monitor and maintain the oil level in the compressor crankcase using a proven high resolution float sensor technology, which protects the compressor from damage

Oil level controllers are designed to attach to the sight glass housing on the compressor crankcase. Adapter kits are available for both scroll and reciprocating compressors. Oil supply to the IntelOil unit is via a 1/4” flare connection.

Main product features:

  • Approved for CO2 refrigerant and associated oils
  • Allowable operating pressure 0-120 barg (model HOC1H)
  • High resolution float sensor
  • Integral diagnostics
  • Supplied with 3m power and relay cables
  • Reliable performance even with foaming or dirty oil
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Precise level sensing
  • Low energy solenoid valve
  • Easy to install adapters
  • Alarm relay

How it operates

As the oil level rises or falls, variations in the magnetic field strength of the float assembly are detected by the sensor. These are converted to a variable voltage and read by the electronic unit. This, in turn, updates the status LEDs and, if necessary, triggers the solenoid valve to feed oil to the compressor. If the required oil level is not reached in the allotted time, the alarm contact switches and can be used to operate an alarm or shut down the compressor.

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