British company Henry Technologies is a global manufacturer of a wide range of refrigeration components for use with CO2 systems. Specialising in controls and safety, it will be showcasing this portfolio in Nuremberg at this year’s Chillventa. 

Extended range of IntelOil electronic oil controllers

The IntelOil Controller monitors and maintains the oil level in the compressor using a high-resolution float sensor technology, which protects the compressor from damage.

The IntelOil Controller is suitable for low and high-pressure oil management systems. It is designed for use with both scroll and reciprocating compressors. The product is available in 24 Volt or 230 Volt versions, with three-metre power and relay cables included in the box with each unit.

New transcritical CO2 safety devices

The High Pressure Safety Device Assembly provides a positive seal between the system and the atmosphere and allows an indicating device to be fitted. 

The product has a maximum working pressure of 130 bar. There are two versions of the High Pressure Safety Device Assembly: single and dual. The single version comprises of a pressure relief valve, rupture disc and a pressure indicator gauge. The dual Safety Device Assembly comprises two pressure relief valves, two rupture discs, two pressure-indicating gauges, and a three-way dual shut-off valve.

New level sensors, also for CO2, and liquid level probes will also be on offer at Henry Technologies stand during Chillventa 2016.

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