Scott Martin, Director, Business Development and Industry Relations at Hillphoenix, proudly announced that his company had installed close to 300 transcritical CO2 systems in North America at ATMOsphere America 2017 in San Diego, Calif.

Over 400 CO2 transcritical systems have now been installed in North America, making Hillphoenix the clear leader.

Martin explains that more than 60 of the CO2 systems installed by his company are using cascade and more than 200 are pumped recirculation systems.  

Partnership reaps benefits

Hillphoenix has drawn experience from its Danish partner Advansor in developing the North American market.

“We’re excited about bringing it to North America.”

Scott Martin, Hillphoenix 

This has allowed them to increase their technological development quicker than most companies. The efficiency of Hillphoenix’s transcritical systems in warmer climates has increased with subcoolers (introduced in 2013); adiabatic condensers (added in 2014); parallel compression (2016) and ejectors in 2017.

Advansor released a mini-booster system for convenience stores at EuroShop this year, which Hillphoenix is hoping to bring to America.

“We’re excited about bringing it to North America,” Martin said during the Market Trends & Opportunities Panel at ATMOsphere America. 

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