Roche Bros. will open its new flagship store in Boston’s historic Downtown Crossing at the restored Burnham Building at the end of April. The 25,000 square foot (10,058m2) store will take the former space of Filene’s Basement department store and offer the growing neighbourhood fresh food, national grocery brands, regional and local flavours and a selection of prepared foods. The store uses a CO2 liquid-overfeed refrigeration system, which cools refrigerated and frozen-food applications throughout the store, including a Howe 2000-RLE-CO2 flake ice machine in the seafood department of the new store. 

We’re seeing more use of CO2,” said Andrew Ortman, vice president, sales & marketing, for Howe. “Sobeys in Canada uses our machine (with CO2) and we’re seeing more from them, as well as from Whole Foods.” 

About the system

The Howe ice machine can produce 2000lbs (907kg) of ice per 24 hours and uses only 0.5 kWh per 100 lbs of ice. The ice is harvested dry and remains dry, preventing it from fusing together in a low temperature storage bin or clogging conveyors and delivery systems.

While the CO2 ice machines are slightly more expensive than similar systems using HFCs, the installation costs are less, and the machines are less expensive to maintain than traditional systems. Installation requires only power and water connections to the flaker and liquid and suction connections from the rack. 

About Howe Corp.

Howe Corporation manufactures the highest quality refrigeration and ice-producing equipment for the perishable food industry. Its product line ranges from pump out compressors to vessels and flake ice machines.


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Author Elke Milner