U.S. manufacturer Howe Corporation will present its DX CO2 ice flakers at the Virtual Trade Show this week, particularly the 4000-RL-CO2DX Low-Side model.

The Virtual Trade Show, featuring 77 exhibitors and more than 3,000 attendees, will take place live around the world over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. shecco, publisher of this website, is hosting the event. It is free to attend, and interested parties can register here.

Howe, based in Chicago, produces equipment for the perishable food industry, including compressors and ice flakes machines, which are designed for use with both subcritical and transcritical CO2systems, as well as with pumped CO2secondary systems. The company also produces ice flakers suitable for use with ammonia systems.

The rapid freeze 4000-RL-CO2DX model is described as “reliable” and “versatile,” and delivering “exceptional” quality ice, according to Howe. It can produce up to 3,946lbs (1,792kg) of ice in 24 hours, having an estimated energy usage of 3.07kWH of electricity per 100lbs of ice. 

The units have a special evaporator design, which utilizes gravity to achieve a 50% lighter bearing load, and they are pressure rated to 650PSI (45bar), said Howe. They come equipped with control panels, photo eye ice level control system, electronic expansion valves (EEVs), electronic EPR valves (EEPR), and solenoid valves.

Optional accessories include water filters systems, salt dosing kits, clock timers, ice storage bins and low water level switches.

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