U.S. refrigeration company Hussmann has joined some of the world’s foremost CO2 (R744) providers as a silver partner on the R744.com marketplace.

Hussmann, a subsidiary of Japanese electronics giant Panasonic, has a strategic partnership with Systèmes LMP from Quebec, Canada, to provide customized transcritical CO2 systems.

Hussmann, which has been in business for more than 100 years, says it prides itself on providing the industry with the most customer-focused solutions and innovations. Hussmann offers expertise in merchandising, energy efficiency and sustainability, food quality and integrity, refrigeration, design and engineering, and service and installation to retailers around the world, the company says.

An example of a recent Hussmann project is the installation of the company’s first two transcritical CO2 condensing units in Australia. Hussmann installed two 10HP units from parent company Panasonic at a Sydney supermarket that opened in April 2021.

The two CO2 condensing units provide cooling for both medium- and low-temperature Hussmann refrigerated display cases. The cases are equipped with Carel electronic valves to provide close control of evaporator efficiency. In addition, both CO2 condensing units will be equipped with Panasonic Adiabatic Solution kits to “further enhance performance and contribute to reduced running costs.”

“Our transcritical CO2 condensing unit provides a market-leading, energy-efficient solution ensuring optimal performance all year-round,” said Vinney Kumar, Hussmann’s General Manager of Australia, and Operations Director, Hussmann, at the time. “We’re proud to have been a part of the installation at Ambey’s Big Apple store in Sydney with our partnership with [contractor] Ultra Refrigeration, which is the first of many to come,”

Hussmann also engages in training activities. In 2020, its subsidiary Hussmann Oceania released a training video to accompany two models of the Panasonic transcritical CO2 condensing units, the 2HP and the 10HP models. The video details how to install, use and maintain the units.

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