Hussmann Oceania, a subsidiary of Japanese manufacturer Panasonic, based in Sydney, Australia, has released a training video to accompany both models of its Transcritical CO2 Condensing Unit, the 2HP model (OCU-CR200VF5), and the 10HP model (OCU-CR1000VF8).

The video, released on May 23, can be found on YouTube. It has information about installing, using, and maintaining both the 2HP and 10HP units.

It also contains information about the benefits of transcritical CO2 systems, and has an overview of CO2’s compression cycle.

Panasonic’s COcondensing units are prevalent in convenience stores in Japan, and are beginning to be adopted in Europe.

According to Panasonic’s “Condensing Units with Natural Refrigerants” information guide, the energy savings of these units is 16.2% for refrigerators, and 25.4% for freezers, according to Panasonic’s own research on six stores in Japan.

According to the slides accompanying the training course, there was also a 67% reduction in CO2 emissions based on a six shop average, compared with the average R404A inverter multi condensing units.

Both the 2HP and 10HP units have a fully automatic adiabatic system, which is controlled by a solenoid valve. This is important given the warm climate conditions in Australia and New Zealand.

Using an adiabatic system reduces system power input. “A 10°C [18°F] temperature drop delivers a 13% reduction in power consumption, bringing immediate cost savings,” said Chi Trinh, Commercial Strategy Manager at Hussmann Oceania.

CO2 training course

This video forms part of Hussmann’s condensing unit training course, which is designed to improve contractor knowledge about transcritical CO2 systems.

Training in these systems is important, as there are already five units operating in New Zealand, with eight sold in Australia yet to be installed, said Trinh.

Speaking about the course, Trinh said “our attendance numbers have exceeded 200 in total, including internal team members, which is fantastic for upskilling our region on transcritical CO2 solutions.”

Hussmann’s partners and customers, such as “Coles and Woolworths and our major independent customers” have attended the course, which has already been offered in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia, and New Zealand, Trinh said.

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