R744.com is delighted to welcome Huurre – a manufacturer and installer of CO2 refrigeration systems based on its patented technology – as its newest Bronze Partner. Huurre caters to a wide range of cooling needs within the commercial and industrial refrigeration sectors, ranging from individual display cabinets to ready-made cold sections of hypermarkets, as well as cold stores of thousands of cubic metres.

Consulting, design of eco-friendly refrigeration facilities

With the launch of a new website dedicated to CO2 cooling, www.huurre-eco.com, Huurre is reinforcing its leadership in refrigeration technology development and environmental protection.

Huurre ECO® is a joint venture between the Huurre Group and Enex Srl, combining the expertise of Enex in the field of CO2 cooling in Europe, and Huurre’s resources and market strength.

Under the Huurre ECO® brand, several standard CO2 refrigeration units are available, including the Mini, Midi and Maxi units using the ‘Enjector’ liquid recirculation method, an energy-saving option for CO2 systems.

Largest transcritical CO2 cooling system in Nordic region

Two CO2 refrigeration units with a combined power of 1,500 kW were delivered to Kesko’s Hakkila logistics centre in autumn 2016 in an effort to revamp the grocery company’s refrigeration system. The Huurre ECO® system is the most powerful transcritical COrefrigeration system in the Nordic countries.

The plant operates in the most energy-efficient manner possible thanks to Huurre’s iTOP Refrigeration Automation solution, which minimises lifecycle costs, and an effective heat recovery feature.

More about Huurre

Huurre Group’s primary customers include the food industry, wholesalers, retailers, professional kitchens and medical sector in Northern Europe. Today Huurre employs over 700 employees in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK and Russia.

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