In 2019, Huurre (a leading supplier of energy-efficient CO2 refrigeration systems and refrigeration automation solutions) will retrofit the Euromaster Areena ice rink in Ylöjärvi, southern Finland, with a digital CO2 energy system.

The Euromaster ice arena, which is currently using climate-damaging f-gases as its refrigerants, will replace them with CO2 (a refrigerant with a GWP of 1), according to Finnish system provider Huurre.

This is the first digital CO2 energy system to be used in Finland, according to Huurre. It employs the firm’s ECO ICE DX equipment and software, using CO2 as the refrigerant, which is “digitally steered, [and uses] groundbreaking direct expansion technology [guaranteeing] that it is uniquely energy-efficient,” said Huurre.

The control system (Huurre’s iTOP Automation Solution) will allow the refrigeration system to react automatically to changing conditions in the ice arena.

The venue’s new CO2 refrigeration system will not just cool the ice, but will also heat the arena.

“Ylöjärvi is a fast-growing town and its strategy is to be a pioneer in use of modern technology,” said Huurre. “As the first town in Finland to select this state-of-the-art technology, the town shows commitment to creating an eco-friendly and inviting living environment.”

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