Japanese OEM Mayekawa, known for its flagship NewTon NH3/CO2 industrial cooling systems, is exhibiting its recently developed CO2 (R744) condensing unit, dubbed Copel, at the HVAC&R Japan 2022 trade show, being held from February 1-4 in Tokyo.

This is the first time the event has been held in four years. It is organized by the Japan Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA)

Mayekawa is exhibiting its growing range of natural refrigerant-based equipment targeted at the cold storage warehouse, food production and distribution industries. The Copel system is showcased alongside a Güntner CO2 air cooler. Mayekawa says that around 140 units have been sold to date.

Mayekawa exhibiting its "Copel" CO2 condensing unit at HVAC&R Japan 2022
Mayekawa exhibiting its Copel CO2 condensing unit at HVAC&R Japan 2022

Mayekawa first announced the development of the Copel CO2 condensing unit in 2019. The system is an air-cooled packaged unit that is “ideal for cold storage warehouses and food factories,” the company said on its website. In Japan, CO2 condensing units are widely used in retail applications, particularly at Lawson convenience stores.

The company is also exhibiting its Unimo CO2 industrial/commercial heat pumps. To make the evaluation process for the Unimo system easier, Mayekawa has developed a new web portal (in Japanese) where prospective customers can enter information and get detailed feedback on energy cost and CO2-emission-reduction figures when replacing gas-fired boilers with the Unimo CO2 heat pump.

The Copel CO2 condensing unit is “ideal for cold storage warehouses and food factories.”


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