Frick, a division of U.S.-based manufacturer Johnson Controls, introduced a new CO2 (R744) semi-hermetic screw compressor (RSH-C-43) for industrial applications at the IIAR 2022 conference, being held this week from March 6-9 in Savannah, Georgia (U.S.)

Frick, which has manufactured ammonia screw compressors since 1982, decided to “adapt the semi-hermetic screw compressor for the growing CO2 industrial refrigeration market,” said Nevin Forry, Senior Product Manager for Frick, at a presentation at the IIAR exhibit hall.

Frick adjusted the Vi (volume ratio) for low-side CO2 compression, with a Vi of 1.7, and altered the motor “specifically for this application,” said Forry.

Frick did extensive tests of the new CO2 compressor, running it in the lab “forever” Forry said.

“It is an ideal solution for a low-stage industrial central system,” he added.

Forry noted a number of benefits provided by the new Frick CO2 compressor:

  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Twin screw compressor technology
  • No shaft seal. “You don’t have to worry about the shaft seal leaking, or maintaining or replacing it,” Forry said.
  • Integrated oil filter
  • Capacity control using VSD technology
  • Controlled by Frick’s Quantum HD controller

Frick also included temperature sensors that monitor “the health of the motor,” he said.

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