British gas-detection equipment specialist International Gas Detectors (IGD) has earlier this year introduced a personal CO2 monitor designed to keep staff and technicians safe from the dangers of elevated carbon dioxide levels in confined spaces.

IGD promotes the portable CO2 gas detector as affordable, easy to maintain and having a long battery life. The units are lightweight and compact to carry around, weighing in at only 93g (3.28ounces). It is suitable for staff in hospitals, laboratories, the beverage and hospitality industries, and for people working with dry ice.

The units provide “fast and accurate” detection of any hazardous CO2 releases, the company said, and can detect from 0-50,000ppm/ 0-5% volume. The units have visual, vibration and sound alarms. They also have a full alarm record storage, which can be downloaded to a laptop or other device.

The monitors utilize NDIR (non-dispersive) infrared sensors and are powered by lithium-ion batteries. They have a “fast” charge time via USB, and can run more than seven days on a single charge (up to 14 days), IGD said on its website. For technicians on the road, the unit can be charged in a vehicle or via a laptop.

The portable detectors have a IP66/67 protection rating, protecting it against dust and water splashes. They are also CE certified and can operate in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F).

The detectors are commercially available worldwide, and have a warranty of two years.

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