The IProGenius can control all refrigeration, heating and ventilation demands and is especially helpful for commercial refrigeration where it can effectively control the bypass valve and high-pressure control to ensure a constant flash tank pressure, so that the flow is even to all cases in a supermarket. The IPro Genius is able to work in tandem with other components also provided by Emerson to create a seamless and efficient system that uses CO2 to provide refrigeration.

IPro(blem) solver: helps maintain constant flash tank pressure

Emerson’s Dixell IPro Genius works with CO2 systems to allow supermarkets to be able to regulate their flash tank pressure, allowing a constant pressure and constant liquid line temperature for their cabinets and display cases. This will help to smooth out the operation of the expansion valves in the system. The IProgenius can also work with subcritical and transcritical CO2 systems.

The IPro Genius includes:

  • Fully programmable controllers and high connectivity
  • VISOGRAPH programmable graphic display (LCD -240×96 pixel)
  • CANBus digital communication serial protocol for connection to other programmable controllers

IPro(gnostic) properties: inclusion in CO2 system that can forecast costs for end users

Emerson also provides the other components that are part of an overall CO2 system which the IPro Genius works within. This includes their sub-critical compressors that are also available in digital modulation that helps with reducing the cycling of compressors and increases the average suction pressure. There are also electronic controllers that can modulate the expansion valves so the system can better handle flow and temperature changes to further boost efficiency.

This system is all brought together with a centralised controller that provides control information and remote communications. Emerson’s solution is able to use information from the system to provide end users with maintenance costs, service costs, system functions and alarms resolutions to try and reduce their total cost of ownership.

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