Japanese manufacturer Itomic has joined some of the HVAC&R industry’s leading CO2 (R744) manufacturers as a silver partner on R744.com.

Itomic develops and manufactures CO2 Eco Cute hot water heat pumps for apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals and schools, as well as for use in spas, small stores and food processing facilities.

Japan is the first country that saw widespread commercialization of the Eco Cute hot water heat pump for residential and commercial use by numerous companies, following its introduction by Denso in 2001. These companies include Itomic, Mayekawa and Sanden. As of June 2020, total sales of Eco Cute units in Japan have exceeded seven million.

Itomic has sold more 4,000 units, including overseas sales in countries such as Australia, China, South Korea, Taiwan and South Africa since its launch of the CO2 hot water heat pumps in 2003.

Itomic offers three main models of the CO2 Eco Cute hot water heat pump, with heating capacities of 65kW (18.5TR), 35kW (10TR) and 15kW (4.3TR).

The 65kW model is called Y-Frame, with a Y-shaped configuration that enables installation in places where space is limited.

The 35kW model is specially designed to work in areas with low ambient temperatures. It also comes with an LCD touch control panel available in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

The 15kW model is designed to meet the hot water needs of small-sized facilities and stores.

Itomic has installed its CO2 Eco Cute hot water heat pumps at various locations around the world, including upscale residential towers, apartment buildings and wineries in Australia, hotels and beer factories in China, and cattle barns and schools in Japan. To see these case studies, click here.

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