Linkou Wenyi benefit from Panasonic’s smaller and cheaper unit

Japanese giant Panasonic continues to boost its presence in surrounding regions by exporting CO2 store cooling and freezing systems. Panasonic units, which already have the largest market share in Japanese stores with over 3,000 units supplied, combine CO2’s environmental and energy efficiency benefits to help companies meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets. Linkou Wenyi is the newest end user to take advantage of CO2 technology to meet CSR goals. The store is an overseas franchisee of major Japanese convenience (CVS) store operator FamilyMart and can expect to see significant savings thanks to the technology.

The 10hp unit, which went on sale in autumn 2015, is located outside the store and benefits from additional moulding to make it 34% smaller and 20% lighter than previous systems. This also has the added advantage of lowering installation costs by 18%.

Japanese CVS spreading best practice to surrounding regions

FamilyMart is not the only Japanese company to help promote the efficiency and environmental benefits of CO2 in their overseas stores. Lawson has also led attempts to widen use of this technology beyond Japan’s shores.

One such project, the Indonesian Eco-Project, has led to Panasonic’s technology being used in 13 Alfamidi – an Indonesian retailer – and Lawson stores in Indonesia. The project, which is supported by the Japanese government, shows the desirability and applicability of Japanese technology used in CVS applications.

Want to know more?

Alfamidi, Lawson and Panasonic will all be presenting at ATMOsphere Asia 2016 in Tokyo, Japan on 9-10 February, so stay tuned for the latest information regarding the growing clout of CO2 refrigeration in Asia.



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