Kaori, a Taiwan-based brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) manufacturer, told R744.com at AHR Expo 2018 in Chicago that it has been supporting U.S. universities that want to study CO2 heating and cooling technologies for different applications.

“We have been selling CO2 [heat exchangers in the U.S.] mainly to labs and universities,” Allan Han, Kaori Thermal Products’ sales director, said at the show, held January 22-24.

The company has marketed CO2 heat exchangers, from 30 to 140 bar, for five to six years. Han expects sales of lower-pressure CO2 products to take off in the U.S. as ammonia/CO2 cascade systems become more popular. 

“A lot of CO2 heat pumps in China.

Allan Han, Kaori

The company was also showcasing stainless steel BPHEs for ammonia at the show.

The heat-exchanger manufacturer mainly operates in the Chinese market, where it has seen demand for its CO2 BPHE’s used in heat pumps. “A lot of CO2 heat pumps in China,” he said.

China is investing in heat pump technology so they can reduce the pollution from fossil fuels in big cities, he explained.

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