Denner, which has been operating in Switzerland since the 19th Century, is the country’s largest discount supermarket chain and the third largest overall.

The company plans to increase the number of stores using CO2 refrigeration, putting the natural refrigerant – which delivers significant energy efficiency and cost benefits – at the heart of its climate strategy.

The retailer’s switch to natural refrigerants will first focus on installing CO2 transcritical systems in the 30 to 40 new stores it builds every year.

Denner’s future may lie in propane

Denner will pilot propane systems for plug-in cabinets and moveable freezers. The firm cites ease of installation and flexibility to move cabinets according to changing needs among the main reasons for this. Another positive of plug-in cabinets is the reduced risk of damage in the event of system failure, since only the individual unit rather than the entire store would be affected.

Denner recently opened its first store to entirely use propane – both for shop floor and storage area applications – in Villmergen, near Zürich. Heat reclaim from the propane system offers additional benefits.

Initial  results have been promising, suggesting that Denner may consider the Villmergen store as a model for new installations in the future.

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