Italian manufacturer LU-VE Group announced in an email that is was among the first companies to obtain Eurovent certification for CO2 (R744) unit coolers (evaporators) marketed under the brands LU-VE Exchangers and AIA LU-VE.

The certification (No. 00.10.214), received at the end of 2020, is for thermal capacity, sound level and energy consumption. Eurovent Certification certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.

LU-VE has developed a specific line for CO2 evaporators and gas coolers, including the following:,

  • Cubic commercial unit coolers. 
  • Dual discharge commercial unit coolers. 
  • Angled commercial unit coolers.
  • Cubic industrial evaporators. 
  • Dual discharge industrial unit coolers.
  • Single- and double-V coil gas coolers.

“We are looking to obtain the CO2 Eurovent Certification even for the gas cooler by the end of 2021,” said LU-VE.

In January German wholesale giant Metro AG announced the conversion of an R404A system to transcritical CO2 at a Cash & Carry hypermarket in Orenburg, southwest Russia, using a room air cooler and gas cooler from LU-VE.

LU-VE Group also recently announced that it has joined the Carrier Alliance program with U.S-based Carrier Global Corporation. As part of this agreement, LU-VE Group will supply engineered components including heat exchangers, glass doors and aftermarket solutions across Carrier’s Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration portfolios.

CO2 track record

LU-VE noted that it has a long track record with CO2 refrigeration, dating back to 2004. In that year, the company produced the SHVDT 696 – CO2 gas cooler for a Linde system installed at Coop Supermarket Tägipark Wettingen in Zurich, Switzerland. The system is still in service.

Since then LU-VE has contributed to successful transcritical CO2 installations in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. LU-VE has also participated in pilot plants in India and the Middle East “where it was thought that the climatic conditions made it impossible or extremely difficult to use CO2,” the company said.

In 2020, LU-VE was involved in the zero-environmental-impact Silpo supermarket in Kiev, Ukraine, which was equipped with heat pumps, solar energy, and a highly efficient CO2 refrigeration system.

We are looking to obtain the CO2 Eurovent Certification even for the gas cooler by the end of 2021.