Mayekawa has provided 13 NH3/CO2 systems in Indonesia, where the technology is still new, Suhaimi Sirad, director of PT Mayekawa Indonesia, told this website during R&HVAC Indonesia 2018, held last week in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 26-28 September.

The 13 units consist of 11 NewTons — Mayekawa’s larger-capacity systems using 45 and 60 kW motors — and two smaller Reabel systems.

Sirad said that attendees at the exhibition were curious about the NH3/CO2 technology and what he sees as its significant advantages over traditional ammonia and HFC-based systems. Asked what the main reasons customers decided to purchase these systems, Sirad said, “One, they don’t want toxic ammonia refrigerant flowing to their processing or cold storage warehouses. Second, they want to demonstrate their company’s environmental awareness, along with the fact that this is future-proofed equipment that they can use for the next 10-20 years.”

These customers, Sirad said, are generally aware of the phase down of freon gas in refrigeration systems and recognize the long term benefits of natural refrigerants.

“Of course, they know about the future refrigerants, and freon will not be used in the long term. And they are paying attention to that. For the long-term future vision of their companies, they should use the future equipment.”

Sirad explained that, though the technology is still new to the wider Indonesian market, the company is working to educate the industry now on the use of natural refrigerant systems.

“We have to educate the customers on why they have to use natural refrigerants along with the safety benefits of the system for cold storage and food processing. These systems are already being used in developed countries like Japan, Europe, the U.S., so here, in a developing country, they still need to learn and we need to educate them.”

HVAC&R: Mayekawa exhibits NH3/CO2 Reabel system

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