Mayekawa launched its new ECO NICE plate ice machine, which uses the company’s NH3/CO2 system to create plate ice, today at HVAC&R Japan 2018.

The event, currently being held just outside Tokyo at the Makuhari Messe convention center (27 Feb-2 Mar), is organised by the Japan Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA).

“We will start selling this machine beginning this March,” Hidehiro Kitayama, sales manager for Mayekawa, told this website at the trade show. 

The system is targeted mainly at seafood companies and other food manufacturers. “This is the first time for us to use NH3/COfor ice making,” he added.

“We will start selling this machine beginning this March.

Hidehiro Kitayama, Mayekawa’s sales manager 

The system uses a CO2 brine loop to create the ice. One of the benefits of using CO2, Kitayama explained, is that it is able to create better quality ice in a more efficient way.

The system also boasts flexibility in terms of capacity.

Depending on the amount of ice that needs to be created, it can be connected to either Mayekawa’s Sierra NH3/CO2 water or air-cooled units, or Mayekawa’s larger NH3/CONewTon system.

In addition, to the ECO NICE system, Mayekawa also displayed their REABEL NH3/CO2 system at the show.

The REABEL is a smaller scale version of its popular NewTon system targeted at small to medium sized facilities. “We are also seeing an increasing interest in our NH3/CO2 systems from smaller sized facilities,” said Kitayama.

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