Japanese OEM Mayekawa has announced it will be launching its Unimo AW CO2 (R744) air-source commercial heat pump for domestic hot water production in the U.S. later this year.

According to Troy Davis, Energy Group Manager for Mayekawa USA MYCOM, the manufacturer is currently awaiting UL certification for the product and expects to receive it by September.

As an introduction to the market, Mayekawa showcased the Unimo AW heat pump at the AHR Expo, which took place February 6–8 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. It was among several commercial domestic-hot-water heat pumps showcased by exhibitors at the event.

Decarbonization of large residential buildings

Providing up to 35,583l (9,400gal) of hot water per day, the Unimo AW is well suited for multi-family and mixed-use buildings, as well as hotels, resorts and small industrial applications, explained Davis.

Mayekawa has received a lot of interest from customers across the U.S. – such as New York City – with demand largely driven by regulation phasing out the use of fossil fuel-powered boilers, he said.

The CO2 heat pump offers up to 100kW (28.4TR) in heating capacity in ambient temperatures ranging from -17.8 to 43.3°C (0 to 110°F), he added.

Unimo AW can provide constant temperatures of up to 90°C (194°F), covering a wide range of uses and reducing tank size, said the manufacturer.

The product has been available in Japan since 2008, Davis added.

High COP and small footprint

Thanks to Mayekawa’s control strategy and use of specific components, Davis believes the Unimo AW has the highest COP on the market. Depending on the operating conditions, it can achieve a COP of up to 5.3, he added.

“They are really focused on getting maximum performance, maximum COP,” he said.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the heat pump includes a “smart control” feature that “automatically chooses the best operation mode to ensure steady hot water supply and achieve low-cost operation.”

In addition to offering high efficiency, Davis also said the Unimo AW offers the highest capacity in relation to its footprint, making it ideal for locations where space is limited.

The small footprint of the heat pump is due to minimized maintenance space and the inclusion of an air-evaporator inlet on both sides of the unit, he said.

The manufacturer’s Unimo WW water-source CO2 heat pump – which combines a hot-water boiler and a chiller into one unit – is also available in the U.S., he added.