In response to increasing demand for large-capacity CO2 systems in Japan, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems Co. Ltd (MHI) has announced the addition of a large-capacity 20 HP system to its line up of CO2 condensing units.

The announcement follows the recent debut of MHI’s 10 HP CO2 condensing unit at this year’s International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition, held in Tokyo in June 2017.

The large-capacity 20 HP condensing unit, dubbed ‘C-puzzle HCCV2001M’, will begin selling in April 2018.

According to MHI, the release of this new 20 HP unit is “in response to the refrigerated warehouse industry’s demand for large-capacity CO2 systems stemming from the introduction of Japan’s Freon Emissions Control Law in 2015”.

“The need for products with high efficiency and reduced environmental burden [is] increasing, and we are expecting high demand for this 20 HP unit from warehouses and supermarkets,” according to the company’s press release.

“CO2 refrigerant has the strong advantage of not being affected by increasingly stringent refrigerant regulations.”

About the HCCV2001M C-puzzle CO2 condensing unit

MHI’s 20 HP HCCV2001M C-puzzle CO2 condensing unit uses MHI’s patented two-stage scroll-rotary compressor technology, with scroll on the high side and rotary on the low side of compression.

The same compressor technology is used in the company’s HCCV1001 10 HP unit as well as MHI’s ‘Q-Ton’ CO2 commercial heat pump water heater.

The system operates at temperatures of -45°C to -5°C and is rated for operation in ambient temperatures of -15°C up to 43°C.

The 20 HP system boasts a footprint that is the same as its 10 HP sibling system, allowing the end user to save a significant amount of space, as well as modular side-by-side installation with additional units.

For more information, see the company’s press release.

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