The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are calling on refrigeration-equipment manufacturers to submit details of their products for the Healthy Refrigeration Grant Program (HRGP), which is part of the CDFA’s “Farm to Fork” office.

Equipment information must be submitted to the CDFA ( and CARB ( by October 15.

The two agencies are working together to develop a list of energy-efficient refrigeration equipment that uses “lower GWP” refrigerants like CO2 (R744), hydrocarbons and other environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

The resulting list will be shared with applicants of the HRGP who are seeking funding for new equipment as part of the program’s next request for proposal in December 2022.

Through the grant program, the CDFA funds “energy-efficient refrigeration units in corner stores, small businesses, and food donation programs in low-income or low-access areas throughout the state to stock California-grown fresh produce, nuts, dairy, meat, eggs and minimally processed and culturally appropriate foods,” according to the grant website.

The list created by the two agencies will cover a range of refrigeration equipment, including stand-alone cases, remote display cases, walk-in coolers, outdoor cold storage, freezers, remote condensing units and refrigerated trucks.

In addition to product specifications and photos, manufacturers should submit details on refrigerant type, Energy Star label and prices including shipping. The CDFA and CARB also want to know whether the equipment requires professional installation and how grant applicants can buy these products.

Submissions should also include contact information for a California representative or official vendor.

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