The 9th edition of the ATMOsphere (ATMO) APAC Summit will take place in two languages and formats, both hosted by ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), publisher of

Day one will be held on June 27 as an in-person event at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. It will focus on the Japanese natural refrigerants market, in the Japanese language. Day one is free to end users, government, academia and journalists.

Day two, on June 28, will be a free online event, held in English. It will address the state of the natural refrigerants industry in the Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia (SEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) regions.

Registration for either day, or both, can be found here. The complete program is available here.

ATMOsphere APAC Summit’s mission is to highlight the latest natural refrigerant technologies for various applications, both environmentally friendly and profitable, for the commercial and industrial refrigeration and-air conditioning industries. 

“By demonstrating that it is feasible, we aim to promote and accelerate the spread of natural refrigerant technology in markets such as Asia, North America, Europe, and other regions,” said Jan Dusek, COO and Head of APAC for ATMOsphere.

The conference program will include panels onend users, policy, market trends and training.

The conference will be attended by end users, policymakers, manufacturers, researchers, academia, NGOs, associations, media, consultants and other industry experts.

The event’s platinum sponsors are Panasonic and Jesco while the gold sponsor is Mayekawa. A complete list of sponsors can be found here.

Day two speakers and topics

Speakers addressing the natural refrigerants market in Australia and New Zealand, on day two, will include:

  • Dario FerlinNational Sustainable Innovations Manager, Woolworths
  • Gaku ShimadaManager, CDU Strategic Marketing Team, Cold Chain Solutions Company, Panasonic 
  • Jonathan FryerDirector, ISECO Engineering Services 
  • Henry AdamsDirector, Common Capital 
  •  Stefan JensenManaging Director, Scantec 
  •  Matthew Darby, Founder & Managing Director, EcoChil

Topics will include CO2 condensing units, ammonia efficiency and transcritical CO2 in farming.

Speakers addressing the natural refrigerants market in Southeast Asia, on day two, will include:

  • Stefan JensenManaging Director, Scantec 
  •  Mark Leong, FFM Engineering  
  • Jan Dusek, COO of ATMOsphere APAC and Head of Global Partnership, Cold Chain Innovation Hub Philippines 

Topics will include ammonia efficiency, transcritical CO2 in cold storage and the Cold Chain Project in the Philippines

Speakers addressing the natural refrigerants market in Asia Pacific, on day two, will include:

  • Xu Bo, Sales Manager for South East Asia, Embraco
  • Maurice Robinson, Team Leader Technical SupportTEKO Refrigeration  
  • Gabriele Sernani, Manager, Oversea Sales, Arneg Korea

Topics will include vending machine cooling, transcritical CO2 for industrial and commercial applications and transcritical CO2 for small retail stores.