Danish CO2 (R744) specialist Advansor has introduced a new calculation tool that estimates the potential energy savings, and the return on investment (ROI) for CO2 equipment.

The calculation is based on the specific rack, any add-on technology and the ambient climate.

“It is always exiting to develop a lot of functions and features, but if it does not provide higher efficiency or reduce energy consumption, we do not recommend it to our customers,” said Kenneth Bank Madsen, Technical Director at Advansor. “We want to make sure they get value for money, [and are] not just investing in new technologies.” 

There are many potential technological add-ons for CO2 refrigeration systems. One that Advansor often recommends to its customers are permanent magnet motors. These are “usually always a highly efficient solution that reduces the pay-back time for refrigeration racks above 30kW (8.5TR),” the company said in a statement.

Other add-on options include cylinder unloading technology and ultra-low superheat modules. Cylinder unloading technology improves capacity regulation, meaning fewer compressors are needed, and results in better energy efficiency, Advansor said. 

The ultra-low superheat (ULS) module can replace complex pumps systems and save energy, said the company. The ULS module enables a very low return temperature from the evaporators and collects any returning liquid. 

“Especially in warm climates this feature has proven very efficient and combined with a gas ejector, additional savings up to 20% can be achieved,” Advansor stressed. The ULS can be attached to almost all Advansor racks from 100kW (28.4TR) capacity and up. 

New split-design rack

Another new innovation from Advansor is the ValuePack II. The ValuePack is delivered as a single unit, but the customer can split it into three sections, if needed, to fit through doorways and into elevators on its way to the installation site.

The ValuePack is designed for food retail and light industrial applications like cold storage, bakeries and process cooling. The II model has a nominal capacity of up to 136kW (38.67TR), but a small footprint, taking up only the same space as a EUR-pallet.

The first ValuePack was introduced in 2015 and more than 2,000 units have been sold. The updated version includes a low-pressure ejector, which boosts the unit’s cooling capacity by up to 30% while still using the same compressors, Advansor said.

“It is the first time the market is offered this, said Madsen. “Ejectors gives higher efficiency, but until now it has only been available on larger racks with a much higher complexity.”

“On the ValuePack II we have succeeded in making ejectors low cost and easy to work with, combined with permanent magnet motor and cylinder unloading technology,” he said.

Advansor also provides online CO2 training, having launched free courses in January 2021.

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