Offering training on CO2 since 2013, Italian manufacturer SCM Frigo, part of the Beijer Ref Group, is now stepping up its offer with a brand new centre including the latest technology available in the market.

“We are confident that this technology [CO2] will conquer the rest of the world!”

Per Bertland, Beijer Ref 

Starting this spring, the new Beijer Ref Academy will offer technicians and installers the opportunity to learn how to operate CO2 refrigeration systems in different configurations, from condensing units to complete racks with parallel compression, and the latest generations of ejectors, among other options. This will simulate the performance of CO2 in all applications and  weather conditions.

The new centre was officially inaugurated on 21 March at SCM Frigo’s headquarters in Veneto, North East Italy near Padova, in the presence of Beijer Ref’s top executives and strategic suppliers.

SCM Frigo has reported strong growth in the recent demand for CO2 systems, which currently account for approximately 90% of its production. 

“This is a small step for the man, but a big step for the environment!,” said Per Bertland, Beijer Ref’s CEO, at the opening.  “I am proud of the Beijer Ref staff for its commitment to bring environmental technologies to the whole sector. We are confident that this technology [CO2] will conquer the rest of the world!” 

“We see a clear market trend towards CO2,” said Nicola Pignatelli, SCM Frigo’s Managing Director. “However, there is still a big knowledge gap among technicians and installers, and we would like to help to make sure that CO2 technology is being applied correctly.” 

The new CO2 training offer 

SCM Frigo expects to train 150 engineers per year with its renewed training offer, while also providing ongoing training to its after-sales team. Moreover, the new centre will serve to test new technology as it becomes available.  

Whereas most training sessions are scheduled in English, the Academy will also offer courses in Italian and French. New training sessions, scheduled to start this spring, will include theoretical elements as well as hands-on learning with refrigeration equipment. A certificate indicating the skills acquired will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the courses.

The training centre includes the last generation of condensing units on offer by SCM Frigo in two configurations: 

– CUBO2 Smart for low temperature, with a Toshiba compressor and Carel controls and valves.

– CUBO2 Plus for metium temperature with Bitzer compressors.

Moreover, the centre also has a complete CO2 transcritical rack, which can operate in multiple different configurations, and includes:

– Latest generation of Bitzer compressor and LU-VE heat exchangers.

– 3 different types of ejectors (gas and liquid) from Carel and Danfoss.

– Integrated air conditioning function (chiller).

– Heat recovery.

– integration of parallel compression.

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