Güntner’s AHR Expo booth was dominated by the presence of its new adiabatic CO2 gas cooler, which can be used with transcritical refrigeration systems or as a fluid cooler.

Güntner’s new adiabatic CO2 gas cooler

“It allows a [transcritical system] to run in subcritical mode in southern [US] states to remain efficient,” said John Miranda, president of Güntner US.

The adiabatic unit “modulates the water flow to the pads to save water,” said Miranda. It is also WiFi-enabled, allowing users to monitor power or water usage via a smart device.

Güntner has been selling the adiabatic unit in Europe for seven years, and is bringing it to the US to meet the growing market demand for transcritical systems.

CO2 transcritical equipment on display from Bitzer…

Bitzer, which showcased its 30 HP transcritical CO2 compressor at its booth, plans to introduce a 50 HP version in April, said Joe Sanchez, application engineering manager, Bitzer US.

The larger compressor “should greatly reduce the cost of the rack” because it will lower the number of compressors needed, he added. The 50 HP model will feature one of the highest HPs on the market.

…and CAREL

At its booth CAREL promoted its CO2 transcritical technology, which is gaining a foothold in the US market, said Mike Tokarsky, Midwest Regional sales manager for CAREL USA.

In expansive signage, Carel featured such products as the pRack controller for transcritical CO2 compressor racks; the E3V-C high pressure electronic expansion valve, rated for 2,030 psi and used in CO2 booster systems to manage back pressure and flash gas; and the ChillBooster controller that controls evaporative cooling for CO2 gas coolers.

The number of US supermarkets and pharmacy labs that use Carel’s transcritical products number in the “double digits,” said Tokarsky. “It’s growing in the US.”

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