In Goch, Germany, not far from the Netherlands, is a newly built supermarket, Edeka Kusenberg. According to the installer of the refrigeration systems, this new market is a place of pilgrimage for those working in HVAC&R because of its innovative cooling systems.

CO2 transcritical saves energy

A major contributor to the efficiency of the new supermarket is its transcritical CO2 refrigeration system, which features waste heat recovery. According to Rudi Spengler, director of installer IKT Innovative Kältetechnik GmbH, “With a GWP of 1, CO2 is the refrigerant of the future, and henceforth there will be many more markets opening that use CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems with heat reclaim.”

Ergonomic freezers enhance shopping experience

Viessmann has premiered its new freezer technology ‘Iconic’ at the Edeka Kusenberg market. The 1.5-meter tall cabinets offer optimum visibility, and compared to traditional units, offer 50% more useful capacity without taking up more space. 

Market operator Christian Kusenberg said of the units, “Our gondola-shaped Iconic is a real win for Point of Sale. They look brilliant, are absolutely customer-friendly and have contributed from the very beginning to above target sales figures. The freezers fit perfectly with the overall concept of our store, they don’t obstruct the shopper’s view, but rather open up the shopping atmosphere.”

“For experts, the Edeka Kusenberg market in Goch is currently a sort of place of pilgrimage, where everyone wants to see the new kind of freezer technology,” said Spengler. “With the Iconic freezers, market operators have increased opportunity to catch the eye of shoppers and achieve higher spontaneous purchases.”

In addition to the Iconic freezers, Edeka Kusenberg is fitted with other Viessmann products such as 14-door freezers; a 21m, meat and delicatessen counter, a cheese counter, as well as display cabinets for dairy products, fruit and vegetables.



Author Elke Milner