Clean cooling accelerator shecco (publisher of this website) today announced the release of its complete, free-to-download “Global Guide to Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration,” which includes new chapters in Part 3 on industrial refrigeration and future market trends.

The Guide shows positive trends for using CO2 in a wide range of applications around the world. A free webinar highlighting the Guide’s key findings will take place July 23.

“With the help of extensive research, this updated and complete Guide highlights the great potential of CO2 for use in refrigeration installations of any size,” said Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager at shecco and lead author of the Guide. “And it is exciting to note the rapid rate at which transcritical CO2 refrigeration installations are increasing globally – no longer just in Europe alone.”

Following an extensive global data collection from manufacturers and an extensive industrywide survey, shecco’s Market Development researchers estimated the number of system installations to be more than 35,500 today. This is a dramatic increase from the 140 installations counted in 2008 (all of which were in Europe). This growth is most noticeable within regions such as Europe, the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The data has highlighted key industry trends – not only for today, but also anticipated for the future. “The most noticeable trend is the expansion of suitable applications beyond the traditional commercial food retail industry, where today, especially in Europe, transcritical CO2 has become almost a ‘no-brainer’ for both new and retrofit installations,” said Koegelenberg. 

Part 1 of the Guide was published in May and highlights the history of CO2, its key characteristics, basic system descriptions, and includes a chapter on practical, real-life transcritical CO2 applications around the world. 

Part 2, published in June, is based on a global industry survey as well as an in-depth data collection drive that engaged manufacturers around the world. It includes a policy update, articles on convenience store applications and more traditional commercial refrigeration uses, as well as case studies.

The complete Guide also includes the previously unreleased Part 3, featuring chapters on industrial refrigeration trends and the future of the market, including a section on drivers and barriers to the uptake of CO2. Quotes from stakeholders around the world illustrate the benefit of transcritical CO2 over HFC and HFO systems, complemented by four thought- leader features that give greater insight into the CO2 market; past, present, and future. Part 3 includes interviews and case studies to provide insight from the manufacturers’ side. 

Download the complete guide

Webinar to highlight Guide’s findings

A free webinar will take place on July 23 to share key findings from the complete “World Guide to Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration”. Interested parties are invited to register online to find out more about key market trends and projections. 

The online event will include presentations by the lead author – Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager at shecco – and the analyst responsible for the data collection, Zita Laumen, Market Analyst at shecco. 

The webinar will highlight the Guide’s most important findings, including market data on the number of installations, survey information, partner case studies, and trends in convenience stores, commercial installations, and industrial applications. 

Register for the webinar (free)

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