Soko Inžinjering, a Serbia-based producer and installer of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, exhibited its first CO2 transcritical booster system at 49th International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia. The firm also provides maintenance services.

The booster system is a custom unit, which the Serbian company will bring out in six cooling capacity sizes, according to Jelena Jergović, marketing manager at Soko Inžinjering.

The transcritical booster system will be sold commercially once final testing has been carried out in the Soko Inžinjering factory. “[Getting the components] is not easy, as for some components we wait up to six weeks for a delivery. We had to design and plan carefully every detail for the product’s development. For the Serbian market, CO2 cooling is still not as common as in some foreign markets,” said Jergović.

Previous experience

The company had previous experience of working with CO2 in subcritical systems. “Six years ago we initiated a project in order to develop a refrigeration plant for cold rooms using hydrofluorocarbon R134a in the upper cascade, and carbon dioxide in the lower cascade,” she said.

“Two years ago, this cascade system was donated to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade by our company. The goal of this donation was to enable students to become familiar with cascade CO₂ technology,” Jergović told R744.ccom.

The company was supported by Danfoss’ representative office in Serbia and Croatia in constructing the unit.

Besides CO2, Soko Inžinjering is also working with another natural refrigerant, ammonia. “Soko Inžinjering also has an engineering department that deals with the execution of works in industrial cooling. We [installed] two large ammonia installations at distribution centres,” Jergović explained.

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