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NEXT Series: Dorin confident CO2 can be efficient in warm climates

New technology developments to help overcome the challenges of operating in high ambient temperatures are proving that CO2 transcritical units are “the way to go” for supermarkets – wherever they are located, Giovanni Dorin, marketing manager of Dorin Innovation, told R744 in an exclusive interview. The Italian compressor manufacturer company is heading into 2016 with exciting plans to enlarge its CO2 compressor portfolio.

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Danfoss foresees global growth in CO2 uptake

With CO2 quickly establishing a global reputation as one the safest, cleanest and most efficient refrigerants for food retail applications, Denmark’s Danfoss foresees that the rapid uptake of new technologies and an increase in the number of CO2 systems installed worldwide will make this climate-friendly refrigerant an even more attractive solution in 2016.

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CO2, ammonia cascade systems to reduce energy consumption in Asia

Natural refrigerant systems are proliferating in Asian countries, offering environmentally friendly solutions while helping to reduce operating costs in a wide range of areas, from cold storage or ice rinks to ground freezing for construction work. Users of CO2/NH3 systems in Asia shared their experiences and plans for the future at ATMOsphere Asia 2016.

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ATMOsphere Asia 2016: Doing it all with CO2

Next-generation integrated systems, compressors for machine air conditioning, and mixed compressor technologies were among the CO2 case studies aired at ATMOsphere Asia 2016. These new solutions are among many set to open new avenues for CO2 in the commercial HVAC&R market in Japan and abroad.

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Retailers METRO and Sobeys look to extend global reach

At ATMOsphere Asia 2016, retail giant METRO AG outlined its ambitious plans to use natural refrigerants in all of its stores worldwide, where technically feasible, while Canadian food retailer Sobeys evidenced how transcritical CO2 systems using heat reclaim can increase end users’ annual savings.

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Intensifying regulatory actions creating opportunities for natural refrigerants

During ATMOsphere Asia 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, policy experts outlined the latest regulatory developments in Japan and other regions, such as Europe, North America and China. Training of technicians was highlighted as a key activity to support the uptake of natural refrigerants in Japan and South Asia, where countries have a tremendous opportunity to leapfrog HFCs and directly adopt long-term natural refrigerant technology.

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