Japanese OEM Nihon Netsugen Systems has joined the world’s leading CO2 (R744) HVAC&R stakeholders as a bronze partner of the R744.com marketplace.

Established in 1987, Nihon Netsugen manufactures large heat pumps and refrigeration units for industrial applications.

Products include its Super Green CO2 condensing unit, which was introduced to the Japanese market in 2015, “with the aim of obtaining stable operation in hot summer climates and provid[ing] energy savings on an annual basis,” said Nihon Netsugen.

According to the manufacturer, it is now one of the country’s leading producers of transcritical CO2 units, having sold 345 of its Super Green systems in Japan as of February 2022. Nihon Netsugen has said that these units are part of 120 projects across the country, including refrigerated warehouses and food and drink processing.

Nihon Netsugen’s air-cooled transcritical CO2 condensing units offer a wide temperature range from -43 to 10°C (-45.4 to 50°F) and are capable of achieving a 20–30% reduction in energy consumption compared to an R22 system, said the manufacturer.

At a cold storage facility in Malaysia, Nihon Netsugen’s Super Green F2 transcritical CO2 unit has reduced energy consumption by nearly 15% compared to simulation data from an R22 system.

Last year, in recognition of its efforts to protect the ozone layer and mitigate global warming, Nihon Netsugen – alongside Hitatchi Plant Services – received the 24th Ozone Layer Protection and Global Warming Prevention Award from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for their collaboration in producing CO2 refrigeration systems.

The company has recently expanded the production capacity at its facility for transcritical CO2 systems in Shiga, near Kyoto. The expansion is expected to grow Nihon Netsugen’s production capacity up to “200 units per year,” according to Kimikazu Ochi, the company’s Deputy General Manager of Sales.

In addition to its Super Green CO2 condensing unit, Nihon Netsugen also manufactures a CO2 brine chiller, air-source, water-source and geothermal heat pumps and has partnered with multiple European manufacturers to bring their products to the Japanese market.

Nihon Netsugen has been working in partnership with German manufacturer GEA since 1999, and as of February 2022, it had delivered 24 of GEA’s BluAstrum ammonia/NH3 (R717) chillers in Japan.

According to Nihon Netsugen’s website, it also has partnerships with German manufacturers BOCK, Güntner and Viessmann and Lithuanian manufacturer of propane (R290)-based refrigerated display cases Freor.

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