Israeli refrigeration and air-conditioning contractor Nik Systems has joined the world’s leading CO2 (R744) HVAC&R stakeholders as a bronze partner of the marketplace.

Nik Systems was founded in 2014 by Nikolay Vodolzov, an engineer with 20 years’ experience who has been a pioneer of transcritical CO2 in Israel and the Middle East. The contractor is’s first Israeli partner.

To date, Nik Systems has installed CO2 systems for a range of industrial and commercial end users, including a meat producer, an office building and several fast-food chain restaurants.

In addition to importing and installing CO2 equipment and components from companies like German OEM TEKO, Japanese manufacturer Panasonic and German compressor manufacturer BOCK, Nik Systems is also starting to build its own CO2 racks.

Introducing transcritical CO2 to Israel

Because of Israel’s warm climate, contractors there have tended to stay away from installing transcritical CO2 refrigeration, but many are now asking Vodolzov about them. After installing its first transcritical CO2 system in 2020, Nik Systems has gone on to introduce a number of Israeli end users to the technology.

“We have showed the whole world by the example in Israel that transcritical CO2 systems are very promising,” said Vodolzov in a LinkedIn post last year.

“We have showed the whole world by the example in Israel that transcritical CO2 systems are very promising.”

Nikolay Vodolzov, Nik Systems

Israel may be more open to CO2 and other alternative refrigerants as a result of recent regulations for HFCs. Although Israel has not yet ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, in late 2020 the parliament’s Internal Affairs and Environment Committee approved an amendment to the Hazardous Substances Regulations aimed at reducing imports of HFCs.

Based in Rishon LeZion, Nik Systems also has branches in Jerusalem and Nes Ziona.

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