Italian pressure vessel manufacturer OCS Cold has become a bronze partner on R744. The Brugine-based company makes products such as liquid and oil receivers, liquid and oil separators, and suction and discharge manifolds.

Established in 1972, OCS Cold has always been “very focused” on environmental issues, and carries out research in the use of natural refrigerants to develop improved components, particularly for CO2

“Our mission is to supply highly efficient components designed also for an environmentally friendly use,” OCS Cold said, adding that the company has worked with CO2 components since 2010. The motivation to work with natural refrigerants is both to reduce environmental impact and grow its business at the same time, the company added.

OCS develops and produces CO2 products with a working pressure up to 140bar. The focus on developing top-of-the- line components is reflected in a strong dedication to customer support and collaboration. “Our technical department follows the project at every stage, supporting the costumer up to the finished product,” OCS said. With us “it is possible to customize standard-line products, as well as develop new ones in collaboration with the client.”

OCS Cold considers its most innovative product to date to be a liquid receiver/accumulator for CO2 applications. The receiver  is able to “feed the pumps and accumulate the excess of liquid coming back from the flooded evaporators, allowing in this way the suction of only saturated CO2 vapors to the compressors.” 

OCS Cold is also currently working on developing a horizontal oil separator for CO2 transcritical applications.

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