Italian OEM Epta announced in a statement on December 15 that it has acquired Eurocold, a Porto, Portugal-based company specializing in engineering, installation and maintenance services for commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Founded in 2008, Eurocold has done extensive work with natural refrigerant-based (CO2, hydrocarbons and ammonia) systems, aligning with Epta’s focus on transcritical CO2 systems and hydrocarbon plug-in units.

Epta sees Portugal as a promising market. “Portugal takes on a strategic importance for Epta due to the high domestic demand for green technologies,” said Massimo Marcer, Epta’s International General Manager. The country, he added, is increasingly heading towards natural refrigerants and energy-saving solutions.”

Eurocold “will allow us to increase our market presence in Portugal,” said Marcer. “We are proud to welcome [the] Eurocold team.”

Epta’s Costan and Bonnet Névé cabinets are already very popular in Portugal, he said.

Eurocold, which has branches in Lisbon and Portimão, also operates in Morocco and the Azores. According to its website, the company works with CO2 and ammonia in industrial applications, and CO2 as well as “ecological plug-in cabinets” in supermarkets.

José Teixeira, majority shareholder of Eurocold, observed that the company has “aimed at innovative technologies with a low environmental impact” and has had success with “primary national and international retailer brands.” These factors made Eurocold “of interest to Epta,” he added.