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The Epta ECO2LARGE is a high state of the art transcritical CO2 compressor pack, a natural choice for the refrigeration industry and suitable for large sized stores. This pack design can be coupled with patented ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) technology to reduce energy consumption even further in high ambient temperature and of course FTE 2.0 (Full Transcritical Efficiency) for best and most reliable performances in class.

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Epta ECO2Small


ECO2SMALL is the pack by Epta with CO2 transcritical of medium and low power with FTE 2.0 on board, pre-installed and pre-tested. Designed for indoor or outdoor installations in small and medium sized stores, it stands out for its compactness and accessibility to all the components on one side, to allow its use also in the narrowest machine rooms and rapid maintenance. Additional options are available, such as self-diagnostic functions, possibility to timely report to the refrigeration technicians the component that requires assistance, detection of the optimal level of refrigerant and interface via App.

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