Japanese OEM Panasonic has launched its CO2 Service Checker data-access device for the commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting of its CR series of commercial refrigeration condensing units.

The device consists of a USB-RS485 converter and DRX drivers – both provided by Panasonic – and Windows-based Device Manager software, which is available to download online.

The CO2 Service Checker enables end users to quickly and reliably access and record the performance data of their condensing units, including pressures and opening of expansion valves. Its 2D graphs allow for detailed analysis, said the manufacturer.

Through the device, end users are also able to set net operating values and monitor alarm status.

The Device Manager software is used for the “management and installation of the device,” explained Panasonic. It can also be used to create and save parameter mapping, which can then be easily transferred to and from the controller.

Panasonic’s outdoor CO2 (R744) condensing units for cold chain applications offer “energy savings, reliable performance, low noise levels and low installation and service costs,” said the manufacturer.

The series offers a range of capacities for both medium- and low-temperature applications and is 30% more efficient than conventional R404A systems, added Panasonic.