Japanese OEM Panasonic has begun accepting orders in Japan for its recently developed 80HP transcritical CO2 (R744) rack system, designed for industrial applications, the company announced on August 18.

Shipments of the first orders will begin in February 2022.

With the 80HP CO2 system, Panasonic is “looking to expand into large distribution warehouses, frozen refrigerated warehouses, and food processing plants where demand is growing,” the company said. The system has a rated output of 45kW (12.8TR) and an evaporating temperature range of -45°C (-49°F) to 0°C (32°F).

The 80HP CO2 rack system was initially developed and manufactured by Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration System (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (PAPRSDL). PAPRSDL is a joint venture between Japan’s Panasonic Corporation and China’s Bingshan Group – one of the country’s largest manufacturers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Panasonic debuted the system at the China Refrigeration 2019 trade show in Shanghai in April 2019.

The system was first installed by Benirei Logistics, a Japanese cold storage warehouse operator and logistics company in late 2020.

Panasonic is also a major producer of CO2 condensing units, which it has supplied to Japanese convenience store retailer Lawson in substantial numbers. (Lawson has installed CO2 condensing units in more than 4,000 stores.)

In March, Panasonic said it aims to convert 100% of its remote-type (condensing unit and rack) refrigeration systems to CO2 by 2030.