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Avenue de la Chasse 133/135
Brussels, B-1040

About ATMOsphere

ATMOsphere (owned by shecco) specialises in advancing clean cooling, with a focus on promoting natural refrigerant and sustainable HVAC&R technologies. The company has planned and executed 60+ ATMOsphere conferences around the world, and managed three marketplace websites ( and as well as the news website ATMOsphere is also the publisher of Accelerate Magazine and conducts and provides tailor-made research reports and publishes numerous Guides. The company has also founded the world’s first global network for natural refrigerant and clean cooling experts and thought leaders (powered by Slack) ATMOsphere Network.

ATMOsphere is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with offices in Barcelona, New York and Tokyo. The team includes a global network of dedicated journalists, engineers and analysts who deliver news on clean cooling, natural refrigerants and sustainable HVAC&R, leveraging sources in industry, the end-user community, government and academia.

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