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Via Veneto 12
31038 Padernello di Paese (TV)

Tel   +39 0422 440429

About Enex

Since Enex was founded in 2004, the company has been designing and developing exclusively high-efficiency refrigeration systems using natural refrigerating fluids, in particular carbon dioxide (CO2). Enex was the first company with this mission and it succeeded in revolutionising the refrigeration sector. Today, the company is considered for its technological excellence and holds a leadership role in the commercial and industrial refrigeration markets.

To date, Enex has deployed more than a thousand transcritical refrigeration systems, powered only by CO2. These plants have been installed in all weather conditions and are used in most refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.


Enex offers a wide array of products:

  1. Refrigeration units for commercial applications

  2. Brine/water chillers

  3. Heat pumps (for sanitary water)

  4. Industrial refrigeration systems (for distribution centres or groups of refrigerated cells)

  5. Refrigeration systems for freezing tunnels

Enex also organizes several CO2 training courses along with dedicated documentation about CO2 plants.


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