Bronze Partner


Frigo-Consulting AG
Feldstrasse 30
P.O. Box 240
CH-3073 Guemligen, Berne

Phone: +41 (0)31 996 48 48

About Frigo Consulting

Frigo-Consulting Ltd. is Switzerland’s leading independent engineering company for refrigeration technology and a global leader in CO2 technology. In addition to supporting you as a consultant, Frigo-Consulting represents your interests and deals with authorities and refrigeration companies (suppliers) as a client representative.

Frigo-Consulting Ltd. has its headquarter located in Bern. Two further branch offices are located in Switzerland (Lausanne, Zurich) as well as three branch offices across Europe (Germany, Poland and Romania). The team’s highly successful company executes a wide range of projects for renowned clients and employs more than 40 qualified specialists, each with exceptional ability, specific expertise and longstanding experience… all since 1988.


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