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Frigo-Consulting LTD
Frigo-Consulting International LTD
Feldstrasse 30
P.O. Box
CH-3073 Guemligen, Bern

Phone: +41 (0) 31 996 48 48

About Frigo-Consulting

We define state-of-the-art in refrigeration technology. Completely independent and customised.

Frigo-Consulting is the leading independent engineering company for refrigeration and a global leader in CO2 technology. We keep our finger on the pulse of trends, help develop technological innovations, redefine the latest technology and offer our clients solutions for which set standards in efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. Refrigeration technology is a highly sophisticated field that requires its professionals to have a profound level of specific expertise.

As a reliable partner, we represent our customer’s interests and deal with authorities and refrigeration companies (suppliers) as a client representative. We are interested in all things related to refrigeration and refrigeration technology. We are the only engineering company in Switzerland, which operates with an own, internal research and development department. We are committed to contribute towards the development of new technologies.

Frigo-Consulting recognises the benefits of CO2 technology at a very early stage and made a decisive contribution towards establishing this type of refrigeration. Even the most experienced professionals never fail to be impressed by the pioneering work performed by Frigo-Consulting R&D staff on all matters relating to CO2. Our efforts are helping this pioneering technology to become even more energy efficient. Our head office is in Bern, Switzerland. We have additional Swiss branches in Zurich and Lausanne and international offices in Germany, Poland and Romania, as well as a global network of partners.

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