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Pro Refrigeration, Inc.
326 8th Street
Auburn, WA 98001

Tel. 1 253 735 9466

About Pro-Refrigeration

In 1990 Pro Refrigeration began to build a reputation for producing high-quality equipment with outstanding service and support. From the initial goal of creating the first packaged chiller system designed to instantly cool milk, PRO has expanded to become the leading instant cooling solution for the US dairy industry, as well as becoming the leading chiller supplier to breweries, wineries, and food processing.

PRO’s list of products and services now includes Plate Heat Exchangers, Milk Vats, PROHeat2o Heat Recovery, PROElliot Smart Machine Control, and PROElliot Cold Chain Verification, providing system control and access to important data from any device.

PRO is committed to developing green solutions for more environmentally conscious refrigeration. In 2021 PRO became the first US-based manufacturer to make a case for CO2 as a refrigerant, installing a 100 HP PROGreen Solution Chiller System at a 3,000 cow dairy farm near Bakersfield, CA. In 2022, the PROGreen Solution pledge will shift 25% of PRO’s production away from chemical-based refrigerants (like R404A) and over to natural refrigerants (like R744).

The PRO Team is currently more than 60 members strong with a regional sales team based in each corner of the country supported by our state-of-the-art east coast production facility in Mocksville, North Carolina.

If you are looking to add, expand, or upgrade your cold chain, PRO Refrigeration can provide a proven solution from a solid team to support you for years to come. Contact us for a free review, and we will provide a variety of options tailored to your needs. When Keeping Cool is Everything.

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